No Man’s Pics


So I started up a Twitter account to dump some of my favourite No Man’s Sky pics onto. I kinda realised that I had 3,000 of the things (many a bit rubbish, to be fair) and that number was only likely to go up for a while longer. Might as well do something with them.

It isn’t a statement, it was never intended to be a gesture. Just somewhere I could tootle away to myself and give myself something nice to be doing, something I’d enjoy doing. And you know, I am enjoying that. I guess it worked.

I never really put it onto the internet for anyone but me to enjoy, in a lot of ways it still is that and likely always will be. I hadn’t really considered or counted on anyone else liking it or caring about a feed that would be entirely screenshots of a single videogame even when that videogame is pretty much a near infinite screenshot generator. The internet is funny like this though.


Within minutes, someone asked how do you submit pics and well, I’d never considered that would be a thing. Just @ me with them, I figured. And people are. I’m deliberately making sure I’m behind on retweeting these pics as I want the account to be a nice thing that pops up every now and then throughout the day, not a content machine or a job or anything pressured. Yet they’re coming, 3 or 4 or more at a time. It’s lovely. Genuinely lovely.

Aside from the odd reminder that it’s OK to @ me your pics, I’m keeping out the way. I’ll compliment some of my favourites but beyond that, I’m not too fussed. I’m not screening the pictures ‘for quality’ because I don’t really have to but if something dodgy comes up, I have my lines in the sand.

It took about ten minutes for the account to stop being mine and I couldn’t be happier with that. There’s no pressure, I don’t care about likes or retweets or numbers going up and if one day the pics dry up, the pics dry up and that was that.

It’s the nicest thing to wake up to and to pop back to during the day. An account where people are just sending you pics of nice or interesting things they found. Some of the screenshots are gobsmackingly good pics forgetting they’re even from a game.

There’s no stress, no angst, just a slice of niceness and pretty things. I’m glad I started it but I’m so much happier with what it became minutes after popping into existence. Every few hours whilst I’m awake I’ll take five minutes to scroll down, find out where I was up to and plop another retweet into the mix. A few times a day, raid my huge folder and try and pull something that pleases me out of it.

It helps, of course, that it’s an intensely pretty game.

You can follow No Man’s Pics here.