10 Things I Haven’t Done

1. I have never been to a GDC or similar corporate event or spent days manning a booth. Also never attended a game jam.

2. I have never paid money to enter a competition.

3. I have never willingly attended a business talk (accidentally, yes).

4. I haven’t crunched on a videogame in the past eight years. I’m not starting now.

5. I haven’t spent four years out of my life ‘going big’ and spending everything on a game.

6. I have never been in a 30 under 30 due to being way over 30.

7. I haven’t kept my gob shut though I do, more often than people realise, try to choose more wisely the subjects I shout about.

8. I have never knowingly (hopefully?) worked someone else hard for my game and made them suffer.

9. I haven’t given an interview since not long after I started selling games.

10. I haven’t stolen Timmy’s ducks and if he says I have, he’s a liar.