Looking Forward

One of the oddest casualties of the past ten years for me is that I rarely look forward to games anymore.

It’s not a getting old thing, it’s not an “I’m not excited by videogames anymore” thing, it’s not like it’s a “there’s nothing on the horizon” thing either.

It’s really simple.

I’m so spoiled for games to play right now that I don’t have much brainspace for it.

It’s amazing, really. I’m by all accounts pretty over the hill, this stuff – videogames – it’s all happened during my years on this planet. By rights, I should be hitting a ‘your dad on music’ stage and settling into comfy slippers and grumpiness because you’re on my lawn and you need to get off it right now but here I am, still a kid let loose in a sweet shop. An old kid, admittedly.

There isn’t a week goes by where something doesn’t take my fancy. Maybe it’s a small thing, or an old thing (I’ve just picked up Fallen London again now it’s on an iThing), maybe it’s a big thing or just a new thing, there’s always a thing. It probably helps that my tastes rarely align with big box games, that I’m always going to err towards the small, the scrappy and the neon infused laserfest before anything else. Yeah, that definitely helps.

So I don’t have time to look forward to stuff in the main.

There’s exceptions, of course. I didn’t wait all these years on this planet for something that looks as amazing as No Man’s Sky not to be excited at the prospect of No Man’s Sky and damn yes I would like more Dishonored, thankeweverymuch. It’s not the same sort of finger tapping c’mon c’mon hurry up looking forward to things of only a few years ago though. It’s a hum in the background that pops up occasionally, a little alarm that goes off every now and then to remind myself a thing is coming soon and I’d like to play that.

You know, inbetween playing other games because there’s just so many bloody brilliant games.

So I’m not sad about this, really. I still find myself kinda amazed by it all.

Videogames, you’re doing pretty well all told. Keep it up.