I mentioned this a few weeks back, it was last week. Mega huge hugs in a Danward direction for organising it all and here’s some links to the winners.

The great thing about giving away indie awards at an indie awards ceremony is that you get to give awards to whatever and who-the-fuck-ever you feel truly deserves them. Even if something doesn’t quite fit. Which is, umm, something we’ll come to in a moment when I explain away my reasons for giving amazing awards to amazing people*

There’s no “audience award” (although I do believe a quick Twitter poll was held for the freeware prize), there’s no advertisers to placate and there’s only people remarking that other people are actually a bit good at what they do and stuff.

So yeah, my awards then. Obviously they’re the best awards because they’re mine and I’m amazing or something like that but with each award comes great reasoning. Here are those reasons.

Super Spike Dislike
Vertex Dispenser

*For the sake of this piece you should all just assume that despite no official recognition, The Pirate Kart is my all consuming thing of the year and that’s to be taken as read and all awards are given on the grounds of “the next best thing that isn’t The Pirate Kart” because The Pirate Kart just is.