Blimey, made it through all this alive then! Death Ray Manta is now available to buy from Bundle In A Box. No, it’s not, the bundle is over. Go to Bagfull Of Wrong and get it from there.

It’ll be on sale there for a few weeks then it’ll return to its rightful home in the Bagfull Of Wrong and settle in amongst all my other games.

Yes, when I said that my DRM would be affordable, I wasn’t taking the proverbial.

You can buy DRM, along with some other fab titles, for as little as $0.99.

Short of giving the thing away, I’m not sure it’s possible to sensibly make it more affordable, y’know? More so given that anyone who’s ever coughed up for my stuff over the past few years can, if they’re so inclined, just hang on a few weeks and get it for free too.

This is a thing that wouldn’t have existed were it not for being approached by BIAB to write something for them. Even then, it’s not been an easy road getting this out the door.

After agreeing to make the game, the first few weeks of development saw me struck down by a mysterious bug (don’t I just have the best luck?) and resigned to the sofa, then a sojourn into attempting to breath new life into SYNSO3 and failing because the game deserved more time than I would have had between starting and release and then, well, this.

Rapidly shifting priorities, right there.

Once again, it surprises me that I manage to make videogames that ever emerge from the void at all given life.

And y’know, DRM isn’t a massive game. It is, in all seriousness, an attempt at lazering in on a feeling and playing about with the idea of the videogame as popsong. It’s also the budget game I never got to make in the nineteen eighties because technology, age, other things.

It’s steely eyed and determined to see through its one idea and pummel it into the ground over 32 stages and it’s also filled with, well, it’s filled with things that brought me here. Whilst the Minter/Jarvis steals nods are fairly explicit and obvious, I’m fairly sure a lot of it is obtuse and I’m certainly not in a hurrry to point at things or explain things. There’s a fair bit of me and my history to be found in the time it takes to play through DRM. There’s a madness to my methods and a method to my madness and maybe you’ll spot some of it or appreciate some of it too. Or maybe you won’t. And maybe, you don’t really need to give a flying monkeys…

I’m going to round the game out a bit over the coming months because the time I’ve had to write this thing hasn’t been lots. Even removing the things I mentioned earlier, this has been head down and get going with very little time to spare and that’s meant I’ve not been able to lavish enough time on certain things. I’ve had to hold back the customisation stuff and that’s sort of upsetting in a way but at least with the help of a good friend, we can make that better than I’d ever planned for and there’s a few extra modes that I’ve prototyped that I want to slot in there as well as a few visual tweaks along the way. By Christmas, DRM should be entirely the vision I had for it. Now? It’s a fucking great blast even if I do say so myself.

Oh, and why Bundle In A Box? That’s an easy one. Because paying things forward is important and BIAB lets me help do that. I’d love to be in a position to make a more substantial contribution without something like this but I’m really not. So best way, right?

And I get to make a mockery of their “excellent DRM free games” tagline, natch. Hahahaha, look at you with DRM in your DRM free bundle. Just look at you. What?

Right, enough waffle. Go pay for some DRM. You know you want to.

Buy Death Ray Manta from Bundle In A Box for as little as $0.99 today. Grab it from Bagfull Of Wrong from £3.99

And thanks, folks. Thanks BIAB people and thanks to everyone who’s helped me push this out the door and into the world be it by words or by actions. Onwards!

(Oh, and don’t forget you can pick up your very own copy of THE THEME FROM DRM from Gavin direct for cheaps too)