Well, mega thanks to everyone for their kind support for Death Ray Manta over the past week. We went live on Wednesday and by Thursday, Jeff had already managed to get his licenses covered so from here on in we can relax a bit as that was always the most important thing from this (…aside from getting the game out there and played, obviously. You know what I mean…)

That’s about 233 copies then on Day 1, so that’s fairly good all told. 30 odd of them were in the first hour. Huzzah for the first hour! We made it to just bubbling under the Top 50 for a while in a couple of categories (higher in South Korea, man – we were briefly so big in South Korea, it was amazing. Like popstars we were). All of that with absolutely no press whatsoever.

We didn’t get everything right! I didn’t expect to but I still can’t believe I managed to miss the controls thing (weirdly, I missed it because I naturally take my hands off the touch screen all the time and don’t place them back on until round start, I only lift them off again at the end of the round so it all felt perfectly normal to me) but Jeff’s gone at that with a hammer and the update’s been with Apple a few days now, we’re just waiting for the nod. Bonus points, it’s a thing left over from the desktop version so I got to add that back into the mix and I’ll reupload it with that fix in place this week when I get some peace. Also, the interstitial screens. There’s a thing to be tweaked and stuff to keep things flowing nicely.

Aside from that, there’s a couple of cosmetic things on the list right now to do as well. I sat down yesterday and redid the splash screen, rejigged the icon a tad (technical term there, we tightened the icon’s graphics on level 3) and whilst these obviously haven’t made it into the first update, we performed the ritual known as “the ridding of the stick graphics” before flinging that one up the pipe so no more big circles obscuring the screen.

These were problematic for two reasons, the first obviously being there’s bloody big stick pictures across the screen (they’re fairly OK on iPads, on iPhones though not so good) but the other SURPRISE! reason was that they signalled to people that the controls were analogue rather than digital. Something about that circle there that said “mmm, analogue movement” and well, we don’t have analogue movement. So yeah. About that… GOODBYE MR CIRCLES.

They were also problematic for a third reason, actually. There wasn’t really a reason for them to be there in the first place and it took a bit of a late night chat and Jeff making the executive decision to nuke them after that particular reason. Game design 101 there. If you can’t explain why it’s there, the fuck is it doing there? (PS – “it’s funny” is reason enough to keep something)

So yeah, stuff to fix up and stuff being fixed up and stuff already fixed up but sitting in approval limbo.

Am I happy about how it all went? Yes! I didn’t expect to get everything right, we’re just two guys faffing around trying to make something really good and Jeff’s made something I’m very happy playing myself so just for that alone, I would be happy. We’ve had lots of very nice words from people and coupled with some lovely constructive requests too. That’s been great and very much appreciated. We’re sort of learning as we go and that’s OK too.

Would I like Jeff to get a bit more money here? YES! So y’know, if you haven’t bought Death Ray Manta yet there’s a thing you could be doing.

I worked out a master plan before we launched and I still stand by it as our best hope for financial success. What we need is for everyone in the whole world to buy Death Ray Manta for iOS and then we’ll be rich and we can use our powers for good. If current world population is around 6,973,738,433 and you multiply that by 69 pence then we’ll have 481,187,951,877 pences. Obviously Apple will take a cut of that but just think how much good we could do with that sort of money? And don’t give me any of that babies don’t have any money thing, they can find 69p from *somewhere*, let them look down the back of the sofa, yeah?

Failing that, enough people buying Death Ray Manta means we can afford to make more iOS things and even better and stuff. (It also means we might be able to stretch to licences for me as well so we’ll be like some superhero group fighting crime in our underwear via the medium of pretty colours IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND). It’ll also mean maybe our graphs will look a little less:


And a lot more…


Only with the blue line going up too.

So yeah, tell your pets too. They’ve got paws, they can find money. BUY DEATH RAY MANTA.

And whilst you do that, we’ll carry on hitting it with a hammer until it’s the bestest thing.