…righty ho, this time tomorrow I’ll be heading off with Mrs B (providing nothing occurs sooner) to hopefully be welcoming a new member of the family into the world. Yes, it’s NEW BABY TIME! It’s also WHAT TIME OF THE MORNING DO YOU CALL THAT FOR A NEW BABY TIME but that’s another story entirely. These baby people, they just have no consideration for AM and PM, I tells thee.

ANYWAY! Huzzah! It’s been a LONG TIME since the last one and I’m hoping I haven’t forgotten all the basics (like the correct angle of nose whilst changing a nappy, that sort of thing) and it’s been quite the few months run up for Mrs B who’s not had the best of times with things (chronic pain + pregnancy are not a great mix, trust me). The past few weeks has felt a bit like a deathmarch of sorts and we’ve had to book in for an induction to avoid things getting any worse. Which is, obviously, entirely not fun. But! There’s an end in sight to all that and it’s tomorrow. And that’s entirely ace.

So, to celebrate both the ending of the pregnancy and the steady return to fully functioning Mrs B and to (fingers crossed) welcome a new bundle of righteous terror into the world (she’s ours after all), the Bagfull Of Wrong is on sale once more for cheap.


What does this mean for you? As well as getting all the desktop versions of games I’ve sat down and worked on myself over the past few years, Death Ray Manta, SYNSO, Squid And Let Die, War Twat and a few others to boot you also get to nip back in whenever I add something to the pile. So it’s an investment in the future in a number of ways. I’m nearly finished with the update to DRM and just need to spend a bit more time testing a few things and building it but obviously, there’s a reason they’re not done yet. Soon though. (BIAB folks, as soon as it’s done it’ll be up the BIAB pipe too, don’t worry.)

Because I’m an indie and I can do that sort of thing, rather than set an absolute fixed price for the sale there’s a drop down box of prices for you to choose from. Pick a price from very cheap ($1.50) to obscenely not cheap ($500), it’s up to you. Either way, you get ALL the Bagfull Of Wrong and ALL the Bagfull Of Wrong from the future too. There’s only two for Mac right now but I’m hoping to get them all cross platform before the end of the year, I just can’t promise that though for obvious reasons but I’ll try.

If anyone who’s already bought the games fancies chipping in to the Mrs Bob Is Having A Baby fund, I’ve thrown a donations button in below as well because, well, every little bit helps and would be massively appreciated. It’s been a rough month and to top it all off, babies are expensive things and one iOS game and a few desktop titles doesn’t cover half of what we’ll need to acquire in time. (Please note, using the donations button rather than the buy now won’t get you magically transported to the downloads or anything so if you want to buy the games, please use the buy button, ta!). Any and all help much appreciated, thank you.

Woo! Babies! Choose your price for the Bagfull Of Wrong…

And if it’s the iOS version you’ve got your eye on, I think Jeff may be helping out there in good time by dropping the price of that also.

Cheers everyone, the sale will close when I get back from the hospital and after my first sleep. Please tell all your friends (and enemies) and thank you all. You -all- make me making games possible and I really, truly, appreciate that.