This is a collection of words.

Get paid

With the news breaking of Desura having been more than a little lax in the actually paying people department (but absolutely on the ball in the getting people to hand over money department and continuing to look for games to go into bundles department. It’s amazing how complications in systems work, right?), I think it’s worth pointing this out.

The whole point of selling games is that you get paid.

If you are not getting paid by a vendor and you are not getting paid for months on end and emails are bouncing, this is not a normal state of affairs. It might well be that your particular account and your account alone has had something go wrong but in that case, returning an email to address it takes no time whatsoever.

If someone is selling your game for money and you’re not seeing any, that money is going somewhere and it should be yours.

Basically, get paid.

So yeah. If you’re not getting paid, talk to people and see if they’re not getting paid too. You not getting paid is invariably part of a larger malaise and one that you should, at the very least, go and talk to other developers on the service about. You don’t have to do this in public, fire them an email across, get talking. Seriously, talk to people as soon as you possibly can because the more these things tip over, the longer you leave them, the more money you’ve got to try and get out of the system and well, if payouts really aren’t being handed out to a lot of people, the less chance you’ve got of seeing that money as the amounts build up.

If they’re not getting paid too, don’t leave this and hope it fixes. It very rarely will “just fix”. Alone it might feel like an uphill struggle trying to get something done but now, unlike the days where chasing a publisher over boxed product could wing out for months and months and months with no-one paying much attention, we have a much more interconnected world-of-development and things will start to shake out one way or another once people start speaking out. Obviously, don’t be afraid to go and get some legal advice as well, right? If you are in the UK, you can go and talk to the CAB if you need some help in what to do next and are a bit worried about the whole taking action thing.

Look. Even if you are alone and you’re not getting paid, you still need to be paid. If emails are bouncing and no-one is paying you, this is still not a good state of affairs. Whether intentional or by error, someone is getting paid where you aren’t, customers are giving them money in the belief that you are getting that money and benefiting from it somehow. You still end up doing the tech support for these people, you still end up having to deal with any criticisms or complaints they may have. You still end up spending your time working on things for them except you’re not getting paid for it and hey, they thought they were paying you too.

Seriously. If you’re selling your game then making sure you get paid for what you sell is kinda the deal here and if it isn’t, well, you can bet there’ll be excuses, stories of woe or whatever lined up waiting for you. You still need to get paid tho, yeah? Sob stories don’t keep the lights on. Sob stories don’t buy you food. And so on. Apologies don’t buy food either. Money buys food.

In the current case of Desura, amazingly, as it looks like the story was about to break, suddenly a company can respond and promise to do something about it (worth noting that promising to do something about it and actually doing something about it are two entirely different things) and does that not seem a little bit odd that they couldn’t address it for any of the however many months prior but they could tell people they were working on a dogecoin IAP system for some reason? Does it make you feel any better that whilst you haven’t been getting paid, that’s a thing someone thinks is a priority. Y’know. Over you getting paid.

Don’t accept not getting paid by a company that owes you money and don’t hang on too long waiting when the money doesn’t come through.

Get paid.

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