Death Ray Manta

Everyone’s favourite fish with lasers is a guest character in Infinite State’s rather scrummy Vita dodge-em-up, “Don’t Die, Mr Robot!”. Who needs to dodge when you can blow things up instead, right?

I’m a massive fan of guest appearance sort of stuff (just not games about collecting a bunch of indie game characters together because that’s like The Travelling Wilburys of games and fuck that) so it was a sort of easy yay to give. That said, it does help that I really, really like Don’t Die, Mr Robot a lot. Thanks to DRM’s presence, I got to play the game from a fairly early Vita build and enjoyed each drop I got thrown my way. It’s just great fun so yeah, recommended alright.

Team Manta

Last week, Team Manta and a spare Andy (you can never have too many Andys) locked ourselves into a spooky hall for a week to break the back of some of the work needed for DRM:Vita. It’s been a rough few months for either myself and Andy finding time to make things so not only was this a welcome and chilled break (with ghosts, obv) but much needed for cracking on with some work. And that’s just what we did.

For two out of the four days we were free to do some stuff, I nailed most of the graphic style down (and in turn, most of the graphics) and Andy got some critical work on the editor out the way. Things are going to slow for a little bit again as I’m still sorting out worky space at home but good progress that’ll give us a clear-ish run at the goal now.

In case you were wondering about spare Andy, he made a game about dice and cogs or something over the course of two days. Hooray for spooky halls. And dice. And ghosts.

Shame about this dude staring at me whilst I tried to kip, though.


Shat it.

Finally, there’s this:

Told you DRM was about the videogame as pop record and well, there’s a logical ending to that train of thought, yeah? Think Fame from the future, Footloose via the chippy, New-DRM as 12″ extended mix, legwarmer chic comes to the videogame. Think cool-as-fuck Electropop, full eighties style.

But more on that soon. Yeah, yeah, yeah, woah oh oh.