The Rob Fearon I’m a rambling hiker (with an owl) award for the game most at one with nature (with an owl):


Proteus is a sacred space, it is the English countryside, it is not the English countryside, it is nowhere, it is somewhere you’ve been before. It invites you to explore, eyes wide open as a stranger. It feels almost generous in allowing you to tread upon its lands, albeit within a dream. There is no jumble of videogame assets here, no back story, no audio diary, nothing, just an island, somewhere, with beautiful noise and curious life.

I miss Proteus when I’m not there. I’ve visited when cities blighted the landscape, I’ve walked upon its roads now gone, I’ve visited its castles and I’ve walked its well worn pathways but always, always, it comes back to the island and me. The hills, the trees, the wind, the rain and the sound of something otherworldly hanging in the air. The seasons may change but the island remains a most wonderful dream.

I trust wherever Proteus is to be a safe place. I can close my eyes and come back tomorrow and it will still be somewhere magical.

With an owl.